Watch: Incredible Microscopic Footage Of Cannabis Oil Eliminating Cancer Cells

There is current research that PROVES that cannabis oil can kill cancer cells, but for some reason the research has been suppressed since 1974. Why? Because Big Pharma doesn’t want a cure for cancer.

Below is a video of the effects of cannabis on cancer cells. You tell me if it works or not…

Clearly cannabis oil kills cancer cells, it doesn’t take a doctor to see that. so why is it that cannabis isn’t used commercially for cancer treatment? The cancer industry does not want a cure for cancer.

This is not new information the fist studies of cannabis’ effect on cancer started back in 1974, when the NIH (National Institutes of Health) funded the Medical College of Virginia to prove that cannabis damages the immune system and destroys brain cells. This was research was intended to be ammunition for the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), initiated under the Nixon administration, to further justify throwing pot smokers into prison. Unfortunately for the DEA, the researchers came upon some interesting results with their lab rats: They discovered that cancer cells were getting destroyed, not healthy cells. The immune systems were enhanced, not impeded. So of course, that was the end of that research project.

Cannabis and Cancer cells

Cannabis and Cancer cells

The DEA requested that the funding be cut off, and the research documents were destroyed. In 1976, president Gerald Ford halted all research on cannabis except, of course, for Big Pharma’s attempts at creating synthetic THC. In 1983, other college research centers who were privy to copies of the Virginia research documents were urged by the Reagan administration to destroy them. The mission to completely destroy the findings for cannabis curing cancer was ALMOST complete.

The Virginia medical college wasn’t giving up, and applied for research grants for further inquiry into cannabis’ healing potentials in 1996 and 2006. Both of which were denied. Their 1974 studies were ignored by the mainstream media except for one short mention of it in the Local Section of the Washington Post. The research was so thoroughly suppressed, that researchers in Madrid, Spain’s 2000 breakthrough study of cannabis TCH cannabinoid effects on cancer couldn’t get them for their paper. Madrid’s lead researcher, Dr. Manual Guzman commented: “I am aware of the existence of that research. In fact I have attempted many times to obtain the journal article on the original investigation by these people, but it has proven impossible.”

That’s why getting this information back in public view is so important, because the cancer industry DOES NOT want you to know this information.

Still not convinced?

Look at the example of a baby who was cured of brain cancer by being given cannabis oil via his pacifier. Not surgery, radiation, of chemotherapy. The baby was completely cured within eight months. After two months of observed progress, the pediatric oncologist who had given the original diagnosis called off any future treatments that would cause more damage, calling him a miracle baby.

This short video report of that “miracle baby” is complete with brain scans showing progress and recovery, which only the Huffington Post reported.

It’s time that this information became mainstream, public knowledge. It’s time to demand that the people who are criminalizing cannabis let the people who can be helped the most by cannabis make the choice on how they want their cancer treated.

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