Weightlifter Invents a New Type Of Bench Press: Say Goodbye to Your Spotter

Every weightlifter knows what it’s like to get “stuck

” They also know that lifting heavy without a spotter is a gym fail video waiting to happen.
Still, it’s easy to succumb to the cocky little voice in their heads yelling,

“Come on! This is easy! Just one more!”
Next thing you know, your muscles betray and a simple set turns into a life-or-death struggle.
It’s a wonder that no one has thought up a fix until now: enter the Maxx Bench.
This project has been launched on KickStarter and we encourage you to go and back this project. [Funding has closed now]
I’m curious to know.
How many guys out there would love to have this bench in their gym?
I one for sure would love to have this! This would provide much better safety for you and it would be easier to go heavy without a gym partner.
Is this perhaps the death of gym partner? Probaby not.
But watch the video below to learn more: