Vitamins – Top Foods Highest in Vitamin E

A lack of vitamins can cause many health problems. For healthy growth and development of the body it is important to eat foods rich in vitamins.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant agent that helps overcome the deficiencies of vitamins that could cause health disorders. Antioxidants in foods that are rich in vitamin E removes free radicals from our body that can damage the body and can lead to a disease. Foods high in vitamin E are good for your skin. In addition, these foods enhances our immune system, fight cancer, diabetes, protects the heart from cardiovascular disease and so on.



Let’s look at some of the foods that contain large amounts of vitamin E and that you should consume them in greater quantities.

  1. Spinach

Green leaf vegetables like spinach are a rich source of vitamin E and many other antioxidants.

  1. Dry plants

Plants like basil or dried oregano are an excellent source of vitamin E. Add them in your Italian meals or sprinkle the soup or salad to be tastier and healthier.

  1. Peanuts

Peanuts are a rich source of tocopherol soluble antioxidant of vitamin E that protects the skin from harmful free radicals.

  1. Almonds

Almonds are a healthy snack option. They are a rich source of vitamin E and other antioxidants that your body needs. Eating about 20 almonds daily can reduce bad cholesterol. If you eat double the amount of almonds a day, it will stop obesity, and weight control. Almond fibers block some of the fat and stop them to be absorbed into the human body.

  1. Broccoli

This green vegetable is a super food that is rich in many vitamins like A, C, D, E and K. The vegetables are best eaten raw or cooked by steam.

  1. Red pepper

Red pepper has a large amount of strong antioxidants as vitamins E and C.

  1. Pistachio

Delicious, healthy, and rich in vitamin E. Best to be eaten unsalted.

  1. Chili spices

Spices like chili will not only add flavor to food but also to meet your needs for vitamin E.

Stay Healthy – Healthyss Team!