Use Garlic To Increase Testosterone Production

So you want to know how to use garlic to increase testosterone production?

Garlic, also referred to as the stinking rose, actually raises your testosterone level. As you know, elevating your t-levels is extremely important when it comes to building muscle and staying lean.

Well, garlic has the added benefit of lowering your cortisol levels – one of the worst hormones when it comes to inhibiting testosterone production.
One could speculate that the reason there are so many successful Italian bodybuilders is because of all the garlic in the food they eat.

Or maybe it’s just all those carbs! Either way, you might want to look at adding garlic to more of your meals in order to boost your t-levels and to improve the taste.

Alternatively, you can take a garlic supplement to give you a similar effect without all the prep work.
Unfortunately there is one downside to garlic – it messes up your breath big time.

Having higher testosterone is only going to make you more powerful, alpha, self confident and more appealing to women so there is no question about it why most guys wants higher testosterone levels.
Given that a lot of us lift in order to attract more women it is kind-of counter-intuitive to eat a lot of garlic. Instead, you can get a much better testosterone boost from taking a testosterone booster.
Just as long as it contains natural ingredients and no junk you will be able to speed-up your progress without scaring girls away with your bad breath.
You should only be comfortable supplementing with ingredients that are backed up by science. I mean if the ingredients listed in a product are not proven to work than they probably won’t.
That’s why we created a guide on the scientifically proven testosterone boosting ingredients that actually work.
The best products even have a guarantee, so if it doesn’t work you will get your money back.
We’re not saying you can’t enjoy garlic with all your favorite foods anymore – you just don’t have to chew on it throughout the day in order to make gains.
So there you have it guys, use garlic to increase testosterone levels!