The Top 4 Exercises for “Posterior Thigh” (Hamstring) -bodybuilding/fitness

The most common muscle group overlooked for bodybuilders is thehamstring.

The hamstring is often referred to the leg biceps for the composition of the two primary muscles and are located in the back of the thigh.

Exercises that mainly targets the hamstrings are few and far between, with more hamstring used as a support in a series of muscle movements.

1- Hamstring curls
These are the best exercise for growing stream of the hamstring. hamstring curls can be done lying down, sitting or standing. Using one leg at a time is an option for evening out the muscles.

Maintain goodform is essential when you run the curl leg. I found stretching the hamstrings muscle cramps leg keeps the set between curl.

2- Straight-Leg Deadlifts
This movement works the hamstrings and lower back and buttocks. Standing straight with the barbell held in front, fold down while keeping your knees back and lower the weight on the floor and back up all the time while keeping your back straight.

This movement draws heavily on the hamstring and a full stretch should be felt when done correctly. Performing this exercise at the end of a workout hamstring is a good idea or using light weight to warm up with.

3- lunges
Using dumbbells or a barbell lunge is just like walking, but droppingthe knee of dragging on the floor and back up again to a standing position. Entire leg receives a strong sunburn, your glutes and quads are mostly used, but the hamstring assists the leg.

4- leg press
The squat changed. Leg pressing allows a greater amount of weight to be added to the leg movement pressing. While the quads are fatigued in the first place, the hamstrings are involved in the exercise.

Brine your knees back to the chest for the widest range of motion and push up locking the knees. A move is just stop before the block to keep the quad active.