Tips For Improving Muscle Growth!

1. Try to insert paused squats variation of squats in your regular leg training program.

2. Once a week at the end of a training (this primarily refers to training for less developed muscle groups) insert 1-2 burn set (series) using isolation exercise for the main muscle group exercise in this training.

Burn set training technique involves performing 20-25 repetitions in the series (the weight which should be used when performing the exercises should be two times less than the maximum weight that can be lifted for some exercise).

The important thing here that should be noted is that all 20-25 repetitions should be done without regular breaks. This means that when you do a certain number of reps and your muscles before failure stop, take a breath and make a break of up to 15 seconds and continue to perform the exercise until you make all 20-25 reps.

3. For smaller muscle groups (muscles of the hand, forearm and leaves) insert forced reps (this is the making of 2-3 additional reps with the assistance of other trainees) in the last series of each exercise.

4. Make a change in the pace of execution of repetitions. Make a combination of fast and controlled repetitions of an exercise in several batches.

5. Insert Power Shrugs movement workout for the trapeze.

6. Do not neglect exercise with own weight, especially pull up movement and dips exercises for arms and chest.

6. When making a variant of the bench-press exercise when performing an insert of the series 2-2-4 pace of execution of repetitions.

7. Insert the plank and ab wheel rollouts movements in your training program for abs.

8. For larger muscle groups observe pyramid training technique.

9. Add a barbell static holds for your forearm training in several batches using more weight and retention of 45-60 seconds in each series.

10. Regular exercise the muscles of the back hamstring and the back. The increase in muscle mass and strength in these muscle groups will allow proper posture and greatly increased strength while performing other complex exercises.

11. Calculate your minimum daily protein intake (minimum protein intake is 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight) and insert your total daily calorie intake.

12. Increase the intensity of your training by practicing Cluster set training technique.

13. Insert the following movement in your workout biceps muscle.

14. Keep at least one leg intensive training per week.

15. Practice some form of intense cardio workout that includes some form of resistance.

16. In your training builds insert 2-3 sets use larger weights and fewer repetitions (4 to 5) and 2-3 sets that will use less weight and greater number of repetitions (over 15 repetitions) in the same workout.

17. If you prefer and admirers on the intense training, observe some old school training program from the 70s and 80s from the golden era of bodybuilding.

18. Make a change in your training program by changing the volume of the training program. If longer practice training program with low volume changes and increase the volume of your workout.

19. Insert a variant of inverted rows movement in your training for the back.

20. If you are not satisfied with the development of a particular muscle group then insert an additional training on Sunday.

21. Do not avoid complicated exercises just because you are not immediately able to use more weight. Also do not attempt a complex movement to convert the isolation exercise to exercise certain muscle group.

22 You always need to properly perform all the exercises even if your goal is only increasing the strength and explosiveness.

23. Training patterns of professional fitness and bodybuilding athletes should be just starting points, not a complete look how to look your active life.

24. Focus your muscle development according to your needs.

25. Always observe complete and correct movements when taking a variant of chuchnjevite. Partially performed squats (squats) are the worst thing you can do for your knees.

26. If properly use sports supplements then for sure you will get the desired results. Also try 70% of your training diet consists of fresh and less processed food.

27. First-hand experience regardless of whether it is a proper diet or exercise is worth more than the views and opinions of other practitioners. If a diet and exercise program given the expected results stick to that principle and try to practice it in a while.