Things Your Vagina Doesn’t Love But You Do It Almost Every Day!

Some things that you’ve been using every day can be really damaging to your vagina ’s health.

The vagina is every girl’s best friend and it needs extra attention and care. There are some everyday things and habits that you do, that can influence your vagina’s health. Being too hygienic can damage your vagina’s health too. To be real, she isn’t meant to smell like roses 24/7.

Your Vagina Doesnt Love it But You Do It

Your Vagina Doesnt Love it But You Do It

The biggest myth when it comes to your vagina is washing it with all sorts of shampoos. You need to stop doing that right this moment! Experts claim that washing your vagina with shampoo will disrupt its natural flora and cause inflammation, fungus, etc. To wash your vagina, use ONLY WATER.

Using pads and tampons every day can cause infection

The reality is that you really don’t need to wear pads and tampons every day. All gynecologists agree that constantly wearing thin, everyday pads and tampons isn’t good for your vagina and causes infections.



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