The Difference Between The Pullout Method And Condoms Might Surprise You

There has always been a debate on whether the condom or the pull out method is better.



However, recent studies have shown they work about the same as far as preventing pregnancy, but your relationship status is what should effect your decision on what method to use.

Misuse, pre cum, how it feels and whether you’re committed to the person or not are all factors in what method to choose.


For every 100 people that use the pullout method, 27 get pregnant. However, out of every 100 people who use condoms during sex, only 18 get pregnant. That is a pretty big difference.


Both methods have some type of disruption during sex though. To use a condom, you have to stop and put it on. With the pullout method, the man has to stop at the best moment. Both hinder the “fun” department a bit.


The “pullout method” provides absolutely no protection against STDs. Condom users, however, have a significantly reduced risk of contracting some STDs and completely eliminate the probability of contracting others.