THE BEST MIX of lemon, cinnamon and honey for acne

The best mix of lemon, cinnamon and honey for acne.

Cinnamon for a thousand years is used like peeling to stimulate the pores, nuts are good for soothing the skin and inflammation, and lemon juice removes dead cells from the face.

These are the  foods that you need to make your home mask for acne. The quantity of them is the following:

–          Three tablespoons of honey

–          one teaspoon cinnamon

–          one teaspoon crushed walnuts

–          lemon juice

Preparation of the mask – In a small bowl combine all the ingredients in this amounts. Mix until the mixture becomes dense and dark brown.

Then place the mixture in the frige to speed up the process of thickening. Apply the mask on the face and keep it for half a hour. Then, wash the face with water and soak it with face cream that you use everyday.