Snickers, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Sprite – List of Greenpeace GMO Products!

The long list are found and known brands of children’s and baby food, and milk powder used as a substitute for breast milk.

Snickers, Lipton tea, Twix, Milky Way, Nesquik, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Pepsi, Knorr sauces, Hellmans mayonnaise, spices, sauces, meals at McDonalds … are genetically modified?

gmo list baby food

gmo list baby food

This claim International Association of environmentalists Greenpeace.

All of these products has on the shelves of the US shops, though considered as the best selling, almost none of the buyers was not informed about it.

Please do not fall for the temptation of these products. Remember that our grandparents and parents lived without them, and of course most important of all survived, and many of them are still alive.

List of manufacturers of GMO products published by Greenpeace:

  1. Snickers
  2. Campbell Soup
  3. Rice Uncle Bens Mars
  4. Lipton Tea
  5. M & M Mars
  6. Twix
  7. Milky Way
  8. Cadbury chocolate, cocoa
  9. Ferrero
  10. Nestle chocolate
  11. Nestle Nesquik Chocolate Drink
  12. Soft drink Coca-Cola
  13. Sprite, Fanta
  14. Pepsi-Cola
  15. 7-Up
  16. Sauces Knorr
  17. Parmalat Cookies
  18. Spices, mayonnaise, sauces Hellman’s
  19. Spices, mayonnaise, sauces Heinz
  20. Children drink Nestle
  21. Hipp
  22. Abbot Labs Similac (powdered milk for babies)
  23. Yogurt, kefir, cheese, children drink Denon
  24. McDonald’s, a network of fast-food restaurants
  25. Chocolate, chips, coffee, children drink Kraft
  26. Ketchup, sauces. Heinz Foods
  27. Children beverages, “Delmi” Unilever

Genetic engineering allows scientists to create plants, animals and micro-organisms by manipulating genes in a way that alters the composition of natural things.

These genetically modified organisms (GMOs) can spread through nature and cross with natural organisms, thereby contributing to the pollution of clean environment for future generations and happening unpredictable and uncontrolled manner and direction of development.

Their distribution is “genetic pollution” and a major threat to human health because GMOs can’t be withdrawn once they are released into the environment. Because of business interests, the public shortens the right to know about GMO ingredients in the food chain, and thus loses the right to get out of eating them.

Biological diversity must be protected and respected as a global heritage of mankind, and one of the keys to our survival on the planet.

Many governments are trying to cope with the threat GMOs by international regulations, such as the Protocol on Biosafety, but we should not forget that behind the GMO lobbyists stand much money and massive corruption that are trying to “push through” laws that would allow them to sell their products, though at the expense of the people and his health.