Sculpt Perfectly Shaped Booty With This Top 5 Moves

Despite the fact that summer is in full swing, it’s not a reason to give up and actually stop training.

If you still dream to get a cool booty, but don’t know how to pump up, start to follow these 8 simple exercises, and after 3 weeks of daily training you will get a stunning ass.

1. Squat Hops

→Start in a squat with your feet set slightly wider than your hips and your hands clasped loosely at your chest.
→Maintain the posture of the squat as you hop your feet off the ground a few inches. Land softly on the ground and deepen the squat, keeping your weight on your heels, to complete one rep. Perform as many reps as you can for a full minute.

2. Booty Planks

3.Walking Farmer Squat

4. Kettlebell swing

The swing is all about hip drive — rocking back and forth and squeezing the butt to create a ballistic deadlift. The focus is on the posterior chain — the lats, the glutes, the hamstrings. In doing so, the swing becomes an excellent metabolic exercise that builds muscle and burns fat.

5. Stability Ball

Lie on the floor with arms extended perpendicular to the torso and lower calves and heels resting on the ball. Engaging the glutes and abs, lift the hips up from the floor. Use your outstretched arms for stability—you’ll feel wobbly! Exhale and slowly bring the knees in towards the hips, so the feet are resting flat on top of the ball. Pause for a few seconds in this position and then inhale, straightening legs out again. Keep those hips up the whole time to get maximum gluteus maximus benefits. Aim for 10 to 12 reps of this total-body move.