Rich Piana Just Posted His Steroid Cycle To Gain 30lbs In 3 Months

Rich Piana the huge bodybuilder is doing a 3 month program starting 2016 and the goal of the program is to gain 30lbs+ in 3 months.

It’s definitely going to be a hard challenge, Rich is going to guide those who are interested through his routine and they can follow him if they want. Rich made a video explaining how he is going to do this program here.

Rich is definitely serious about doing this program as he just posted a picture of the steroid cycle he will be doing for this 3 month program.
So guys who are going to follow this program be prepared for 8 hour arm workouts and 16 shake workouts if you want to keep up with the king himself!
See the steroid cycle below:
Rich Piana : “Here is the cycle I will be doing starting on New Years Eve!! 2016 the year to get huge we are bringing BIG back!! The 3 month get BIG as FUCK program is for everyone whether your natural or you take Shit!!
This program is genius and done in a methodical way that makes putting on size simple if your willing to put the work in!! I could not fit all the months on 1 sheet of paper so make sure you see the other half of this cycle! Also yes it is extended to 16 weeks instead of 12 that’s just the way it worked out and needed to be!!
Now everyone is starting off at a different level so depending on your last cycle adjustments can be made to fit each individual. It can be scaled down or up hopefully people can handle this part on their own.
For the more advanced that are doing much higher doses of GH my reasoning is anything higher than 4.5 iu a day will cause the intestines to grow and eventually you will have a growth gut also same goes for using insulin but everyone is free to add on whatever they choose.

GH and insulin will put on more size than anything but in my opinion it will ruin the physique! Also I will be adding proviron and arimidex when I feel necessary.
Most importantly I need people to realize the most important part of this 4 month program will be the food, the workouts, the cardio, the feeder workouts, the vacuums and most importantly how we start at a certain level with all of these parts and we continuously up the the volume and the amount and we turn the body into a machine!
With or without the drugs you will get amazing results!! I will be doing YouTube videos explaining things in greater detail after reviewing the cycle some people will completely understand what exactly the reasoning is and others might be confused.

It’s very important that people understand the reasoning and theory’s behind this cycle! Would love if the more advanced could explain some of it!

Now everyone knows this cycle was created for me and it is not recommended for anyone to follow this! I am just sharing what I will be doing with everyone! My first shot and the first YouTube video will be New Years Eve when the clock strikes midnight!!”

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