Onion- The Amazing ′Cure-All′

It’s amazing what onions can cure. The composition of onions has the power to heal many diseases. A lot of  scientific studies published on the compounds of onions show that they are highly protective to the nerves and the cardiovascular system, and that they enhance immune function, fight the growth of many types of tumors, help to promote healthy hormone function, and many more.

Onion - The amazing "Cure All"

Onion – The amazing “Cure All”

It is excellent in lowering cholesterol, inhibits hardening of the arteries, enhances elasticity of blood vessels, and helps to maintain healthy blood pressure. Onion also helps in fighting cancer and is a great risk-reducing food.

Also, onion demonstrates significant blood sugar-modifying properties to be a real help in the fight against both type 2 diabetes and obesity. It won’t be a miracle food to kepp you in shape, but it will sure help. In addition to limiting your intake of fats and sugars, eating onions can get your blood sugar-and your weight-on the right track.

The medical properties of onion

What onions are rich in is a flavonoid called Quercetin. Flavonoid acts as a powerful antioxidant, antihistamine, anti-cholesterol, and anti-inflammatory. Also, onions have antibacterial property and eliminate toxins from the body. The highest concentration of quercetin can be found in and onions at the part of the bulb closest to the root and its outer most rings nearest the skin.

Of course, always try to go for organic grown onions if you can.

  1. Onions to help cold
    Onion has been forever used as an effective for cold. You can eat a whole raw onion at the first sign of a cold, or you can boil the onion and drink it in tea with ginger and honey.

2. Onions to bring down a fever
         Here is a recipe for lowering fever:

  • Chop some potatoes and onions, and together with some minced garlic put them in a pair of socks.
  • Put them on your feet and get in bed
  • Apply a cloth soaked in apple cider vinegar on your forehead

This recipe will come down your temperature in the next hour.

3. Onions to cure a cough

Onion cough relish-recipe:

  • Take one large onion, peel it and cut it in half
  • Cover the tops of both halves in ½ tblsp brown sugar
  • Let it sit for an hour and then hollow up the syrupy contents from the dish.
  • Consume it twice a day

The brown sugar makes the onion juice more palatable. This is simple, effective and cheap natural remedy. Also, you can make a juice of honey and onion. The honey will soothe your cough, and onion has powerful antibiotic properties.



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