This Old Man Lifts More than You do

What happens when a CrossFit Athlete decides to prank people dressed as an Old Man

We don’t see every day the sight of an old man working out with the young blood and not just working out with them but actually beating them, especially at Muscle Beach Gym, California which is famous for its members who are usually buffed up dudes or weightlifters.

Kenneth Leverich, an internationally acclaimed CrossFit competitor who recently placed 14th in the California Regionals surprised the audiences recently at the Muscle Beach, California when he dressed as an old man and went for a stroll at the beach. Kenneth is a weightlifter and CrossFit competitor. He is capable of lifting 595Lbs (270 kg). It looked like Leverich made a random visit to the muscle beach gym asking the people already present over there if he could workout with them.

At the first glance, the onlookers started laughing and warned the old man that he could hurt himself picking the weights. He made it even clearer to them when in the beginning of the video, he acts as if he is not even able to pick the weight plates up correctly and rolls the weights to the barbell. When he asked the people working out if he could pick up the barbell they were they deadlifting with, they thought he was just fooling around and told him to be careful, Kenneth shocked everyone around when he snatched (An Olympic weightlifting move) that weight up.

In the later part of the video, he is shown snatching the weights with another guy who looks like some sort of weightlifter. They simultaneously increase the weights and reach a stage when the other guy is not able to snatch the weight up but Leverich is successful in his attempt which acts as one more big shock for the audiences present around. He later departs with a round of applause from the onlookers and even advises some young people about lifting.

The prank was conducted by ‘Thrillist’ and they hired Dan Gilbert, one of the most renowned Hollywood special effects artist who subjected Leverich to four hours of prosthetics and makeup and made him look like the badass old man in the video. Here is the link to the video:


Eddy Jones, a facebook user got very fascinated with this idea and posted this on his facebook page “My favorite stories are ones where people beat the odds and defy stereotypes and convention. While this was staged, it still had me smiling and rooting for the 84 year old. (And by the way, I’m sure there are plenty of actual 84 year olds who can beat folks a quarter of their age in any number of athletic feats!)”

There have been videos with a similar concept as this before too. For example, Pepsi’s Kyrie Irving “Uncle Drew” commercial was based on the same grounds. In this series, Kyrie Irving who is a Cleveland Cavaliers player is dressed as an old man and is shown showing some of his basketball skills on the courts with young people. Here is the video covering the entire ‘Uncle Drew Series’.