Basics of Nutrition

Nutrition facts

Nutrition facts

The food you eat is a source of nutrients.  Nutrients are defined as the substances found in food that keeps your body functioning. 

For years, people come to the idea that there are bad nutrients and good nutrients and both of the nutrients play a certain role in the body.  Even those nutrients we called “bad” such as fats and carbohydrates perform vital functions in the your body and if one consumes too many “good” such as vitamins or minerals there can be harmful results, as well.

Nutrition Fact 1 :

Eat a variety of foods –  In that way your body will get enough vitamins, minerals, protein and calories.

Nutrition Fact 2:

Watch your weight – Let your body weight corresponds to your age, sex and physical construction. Being fat means having 20% above normal body weight. Do not let this happen, because obesity is harmful to your health.

Nutrition Fact 3:

Eat foods that contain little fat and cholesterol – In ideally case, fat should contain less than 30% of your daily needs for calories and saturated fat less than 10%.

Nutrition Fact 4:

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables – These products contain many nutrients and vitamins, diet fiber and complex carbohydrates, but is poor with fat.Fruits and vegetables are free to eat throughout the day, so you will be full of energy.

Nutrition Fact 5:

Eat sugar carefully – Because sugar contains a lot of calories that increase your body weight, and  also  eating  large amounts of sugar is harmful for your teeth.

Nutrition Fact 6:

Salt – use of salt in large quantities can result with hypertension.

Nutrition Fact 7:

Alcohol – all we want to consume a glass of wine, but it is useful when it is in moderate amounts. Drinking alcohol over two cups per day primarily can cause depending and increase our body weight, because any type of alcohol contains a lot of sugar. Also be careful with the consumption of Coca Cola.

Stay Healthy!