What You Must Know About Steroids Before You Start to Juice

Are you ready to juice? Let us be honest — it’s not the 1920’s when people knew little about the human body and didn’t have steroids.

Now we live in 2016, so in almost every gym you can find an individual who uses or at least used steroids.

If we speak about natty lifters, do you really believe that they have never thought about juicing?

Simply put, steroids became a regular thing in our society, and it’s ridiculous that some people try to hide that they juice, and others want to catch them.

Oh, come on! People who lift shouldn’t waste time on ridiculous things.

So, to train hard and eat healthy isn’t the only way to become as big as the golden age bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Franco Columbu, and many others who have mastered their physiques.

Steroids are helpful, and it can’t be denied. Many today’s Mr. Olympia bodybuilders are believed to juice, but because they learned how to pass the doping test without getting caught, there is no real way to prove that they use steroids other than looking at them.

After some time, this resulted in many disagreements among lifters because there are many opinions whether steroids should be used or not.

What Does it Mean?

The anabolic androgenic steroid is the drug that replicates testosterone’s ability to increase muscle growth.

Most often, the drug is used by injecting it into the shoulders, thighs, calves and less often in other areas of the body.

While there are many reasons to use steroids that range from finding a beautiful girl to becoming the biggest guy in a gym, the primary reasons are:

1. Burn Lots of Fat

Athletes use steroids as a way to decrease their body fat percentage to 4-7%. For bodybuilders, it’s necessary to show muscularity, while other athletes aim to achieve a better physical performance.

After athletes complete a championship, most often they increase their body fat percentage up to 7-12% and sometimes more as it’s needed to stay healthy.

2. Boost Strength and Recovery Speed

Steroids help to boost strength and recovery speed by creating the anabolic environment.

This type of environment is beneficial because it allows absorbing more nutrients you get from food and supplements. So, it allows training harder and for longer periods as well as get more benefits from the food you consume.

3. More Muscle Gains

Finally, steroids are popular because they help to go beyond the limits of a normal human and develop a bigger and more muscular body that natural bodybuilders can’t; or spend decades to get as big as juicing folks.

After all, do you believe that it’s a coincidence that after steroids became popular, we see so many abnormal bodybuilders?

Most often, steroids are used for periods of 8-16 weeks because if people do it for a longer time, it may result in health problems.

Yet, you must take care not only about how long you juice for, but also to not overdose as it’s as dangerous as using steroids for extended periods. Overdosing of steroids may result in:

-Increased growth of body hair
-Muscle weakness
-Puffy face
-Bleeding into the joint

The Most Popular Myths About Steroids:

1. The Side Effects Stay Forever

Steroids help to improve the body because they make hormonal changes.

Yet, even if you experience the side effects, you can always stop using steroids and these effects will leave over time. This depends on how often and how much steroids were used.

But most often, everything gets where it should be, and a person becomes healthy and can do everything he or she wishes.

2. You Can’t Control Yourself

You have probably heard before that those who use steroids can’t control themselves, are in a bad mood and become aggressive.

In truth, there are no scientific papers that could prove this fact. So, while hormonal changes affect a person’s behavior, it doesn’t mean that steroids cause the problem.

It may be due to the reason that folks, who quickly become strong and muscular, want to show how they have improved because they want it, not because steroids make massive changes in their behavior.

3. Steroids Are Everything You Need

No! Steroids without hard work and a healthy diet are nothing. They are like a boost to training and nutrition rather than something that could change these two.

Think about Rich Piana, he exercises two hours daily and most often eats healthy products.

So, no matter that he uses steroids for longer than half of his life, he is aware that there is no substitute for hard work.

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To use steroids and achieve faster and bigger gains, or stay healthy and satisfy yourself with a slower improvement is your choice.

What will you choose?