Muscle Program for Skinny Guys!

Check this Muscle Program which I shared with all of you, hope this will help you as that helped me to gain 20 pounds of muscle in just over a year

(if he had eaten well and do not waste my time with other errors would 30 pounds now).

I stopped to do it myself. It is for everyone who begins to gain muscle and you want a good workout. It is a 4-day training the training division, also you can make one day more for chest and arms just if you want or if these 4 days are not enough!

Must go to the gym 4 times a week and giving plenty of rest for your body. You grow when you rest, not when you train.

Day 1

Chest / triceps / abs

bench press,
Dumbbell flies,
Incline bench press,

French presses,
Close grip bench press,
1 arm dumbbell triceps extension resting on the bench,

Bike 3 games as many reps as you can

Day 2

Back / biceps / abs

dead lifts,
Dumbbell rows,
dumbbell rows,
dumbbell work,
hammer curls (also known as neutral grip loops);
dumbbell curls,

Cracking in the bank I refused, 4 sets of as many reps as you can

Day 3

Legs/ squats,
leg presses,

Day 4


shoulder press,
lateral raises,
Reverse flies sitting on the bench,

All exercises are 4 sets and repetitions 10-12 !

That’s all! It is not the easiest program that could offer, but is based on compound exercises that are best for lean muscle gain. You can do it

Stick for 3 months and let me know how it worked for you! I will offer advanced training program in the future, but it will be only for those who are not new to bodybuilding.