MMA Fighter “Prophet” Took Things Too Far With Jay Cutler And Wanted To Fight

We all love a good fight, especially when the combatants look like those myostatin-deficient bulls; however, it wasn’t a fully torqued brawl.

You’re welcome. That should make up for the lack of fighting.

Now, enter the Prophet.

Sounds like something from Halo, but this prophet is less reptilian and much more unstable. After most likely missing a cult meeting for it, the Prophet showed up at one of Cutler’s expo booths.


That was catchphrase of the encounter as the alleged “star fighter” was handled by security.

The prophet asked politely for a gentleman’s brawl and subsequently became more irate as Big Jay simply wanted to keep signing autographs.

Now, who is the Prophet, where did he come from, and what does he want? This dude is nothing to scoff at, being over 6 feet and 250 pounds, but he’s also batshit crazy.

This Prophet wishes to spread the word of natural gains and expose/humiliate those who use steroids. Granted, a somewhat noble idea, but this dude is going about it all wrong.

Everyone already knows these Gain Monsters take steroids, and if you don’t, you’re too stupid for anyone to care about your opinion anyway. You can’t get as freaky big as Rich Piana or Jay Cutler by eating Wheaties and Castor Oil.

The world of bodybuilding and commercialized fitness needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

Yes, kids should not be told they can be as big as Jay; however, the past Mr. O has probably inspired hundreds to get off their asses and crush the iron.

At least when I was in High School I already wanted to lift because it was in my blood, but looking at him made me blast out another few reps.

And it seems our Prophet’s holy journey isn’t over. He’s already harassed Jay Cutler, Phil Heath, and Rich Piana, pleading for a fight with all of them, and it looks as if he has his sights on more celebrities.

This could develop into some real interesting/entertaining shit. Stay tuned for future news and videos.

In this featured video we found that this lunatic definitely made himself, he appears to be selling/preaching key points and most likely reading out of a manifesto. I love a good manifesto.