Lower Back Pain Treatment and Tips

Back pain is very common issue for many people. But there are many ways that you can avoid the pain. One of the best things you can do to prevent back pain is to exercise regularly and keep your back and abdominal muscles strong.

Here are some quick tips to prevent back pain problems:

  • Always stretch before any strenuous physical activity;
  • Care while standing or sitting;
  • Sitting on chairs or in a car should be a proper form where you will have good lumbar support;
  • Avoid prolonged sitting;
  • When working, use the strength of the hands and feet;
  • Wear comfortable shoes with a low heel;
  • Always sleep on a hard flat surface;
  • Try to control your weight;
  • If you smoke, quit; Smoking reduces blood flow to the area of ​​the spine and causes the spinal discs to degenerate;

– Also, to keep your back safe and solid as well as your bones you need to get enough vitamin D every day.

If you are faced with such a pain in the future, no matter what the reason, try these natural medicines instead treated with pills that are harmful to your body.

Lower Back Pain Treatment and Tips


The best home remedy for back pain is garlic. Two or three cloves should be consumed every morning for better results.

Oil of garlic is great for massaging the back and gives excellent results and relief.

Preparation: Fry ten cloves of garlic in 60ml oil using a frying pan.

It should be fried on low heat until the cloves of garlic get brown color. Once cooled, greater amount of oil should be applied on your back and let it stand for 3 hours.

Then you can shower and continue this treatment for at least fifteen days to take effect.

The second natural remedy for back pain is lemon. Mix lemon juice with salt and eat twice a day.

A third effective cure is potatoes. Fresh potatoes are an old remedy for back pain, especially those pains located in the lower part. Coating your lower back with fresh potatoes is more than effective for this condition.

Stay Healthy – Healthyss Team!