Lose Weight According To Your Body Type – The Best Way

Let’s face it we are all different sizes and shapes, no one is quite the same, and we all lose weight at different paces with different things. Nutrition is not something that we all have to be alike with, just like with water, there is no magic number everyone is different.

Lose weight

Lose weight

Hourglass is the shape we all wish we had. It is also easier for hourglass shapes to lose weight. To keep your pretty figure you should:

  1. Cut back on sweets
  2. Keep fat to a minimum of healthy fats like nuts and avocados.
  3. Eat a protein rich diet do not be afraid to consume protein rich whole foods in abundance.

Pear Shape
The pear shaped people tend to have significantly larger hips and bigger butts with a narrow waist and shoulders.

  1. Cut out the starchy foods; skip the macaroni and cheese and avoid that extra helping of potatoes at dinner.
  2. Avoids fats
  3. Skip out on juices with added sugar and eat fruits in abundance.
  4. Enjoy foods like brown rice, whole grains, fish, and SOME seafood.

Women with an apple shape tend to carry weight in the center of their body.

  1. Increase foods that are rich in cellulose.
  2. Always start your day off with fresh fruit.
  3. Cut out as many animal products as possible.
  4. Dried fruits, honey, and citrus type foods should become your best friend.
  5. Increase your liquid intake with drinks like water and herbal teas.

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