Lose 50 Pounds Easy and Healthy Fast

Regardless the age, weight loss is always tough. Regardless if you are a young mom and want to be fit again, a grandma for more health, or business man for looking manly and fit, losing weight is hard.

You need motivation and dedication for the changes. Bigger number needs more pressure and efforts.

With 50 or more pounds, this sounds tough. You must feel fed up and know you need a change.

With so much to lose, how to start? Start is the hardest thing. But it will have good effects when resisted until the end.

Make plan and prepare

Before the start, you need emotional and mental preparation. Do not be scared, you will succeed. But, stick to a plan.

1. There is never better time than now

To lose tons of weight, you will need time. If you need to lose weight, you need sacrifices. Lifestyle changes, birthdays, vacations, dinners, holidays…you will be tempted.

2. This is full-time committing

You need to be patient and have time. It is not just during work days, but all the rest too. You must want this and you will have it. Do not expect results after a week. Weekly, you might lose 0.5 lbs and 3 lbs. more will come later.

3. There might be messing up

Even the most dedicated people make mistakes. Accept this and move on. Keep up with the plan, workouts and allow to be human sometimes. If you make a mistake, continue with the regime. You will feel pressured still, but habits do not change overnight. If you mistake often, stop and think about health, goals and looks.

4. Lose weight because you love yourself

Have proper diet and workouts. Have positive mind and want the best for you. Only this brings good results. Do not start a diet because you hate our body. See the body as lovable thing and cherish it. do not repeat same mistakes like measuring just weight and scales, calories and sizes. Instead be proud at the end of the day. Have dancing classes, walking, sports, running 5k…One change per a day is enough. Have healthy habits every week.

14 tips to lose weight better

1. Do something you like

If you like water, go swimming. Doing what you love makes things easier. If you like oranges, consume them more. Have easy and nice changes.

2. Add and after that take away

Instead seeing just bad habits and removing them, focus on adding good ones. Have small changes and have more water.

3. Water is a must

One cause of fatigue, obesity and fat is dehydration. Skip the soda and get water. You will be less hungry and will have more energy as you cut back on sugar.

4. Switch foods

Replace packed and fast foods, with organic meats, veggies, fruits, grains. Fast foods have sugars, fats, salt and additives. Cook from scratch.

5. Proper portions

Overeating is always the same, regardless healthy or junk foods. after a proper meal, you feel hungry? Take a moment and stop, instead to go for seconds. Have glass of water and wait 20 min. during this time, you will feel hunger, but this is not real hunger. The gut here signals the brain that no more food is needed.

6. Slow

We live fast lives, everything is chaotic, we neglect healthy habits and watch TV all the time. Skip the TV during eating, chew slow and small bites and thus you will eat less.

7. Have veggies daily

Every veggie has fibers, minerals and vitamins. Satiety will come faster and you will eat less calories than normal. Get leafy green veggies. Switch carbs and veggies and cut on calories.

8. Sugar-free coffee

Keep milk and cream if you want, but no sugar. Sugar is a toxic and spikes the insulin, thus fat is stored.

9. Booze only on weekends

This liquid has tons of empty calories and makes you hungrier. Control this and drink only on weekends. During the week have 1-3 drinks tops. This will be hard at first. Be the friend that drives to skip drinking.

10. Carb-free breakfast

For more than 50 lbs, this means you have low sensitivity to insulin. Skip carbs and have good fats, protein and veggies. If you like smoothies, keep them. Make them with proteins, greens, good fats and berries low in sugar like strawberries, cranberries, blueberries and raspberries. Also, sleep more. You can have some carbs not processed as dinner and thus sleep better.

11. Bring something to dinner

Do not skip dinner with friends and family, instead offer to bring something and this is something you eat. On special dinners, say no. go to parties and birthdays, but skip the cakes and cocktails. Goals are priority!

12. Have cardio and strength workouts

Cardio burns calories and also strength workouts for muscle building and faster metabolism, better joints and no injuries. Do cardio some days, and other days other workouts. Consult a trainer for more details.

13. Better sleep

Sleep Is crucial. With lack of sleep, you will eat more to regain energy. And you will skip the gym if you are tired. Double loss!

14. More moving

We all sit too much. Walk after and to work, or during the break for lunch. After dinner, walk around the house. Skip movies and dinner and have more moving. This will burn calories and melt fat.

Losing weight is achievable, just be positive, have principles, say no, have small changes, have support of family and friends and start today! The time is now!