Liver Cleansing – Natural Medicine

For preparation of this natural remedy for liver cleansing you require simple ingredients – lemon, garlic, honey, walnuts and wheat germ.

The combination of these ingredients has a very positive impact on health, strengthens immunity, purifies the liver and protect against cancer. Also, this medicine helps in the treatment of diseases of the blood vessels and the heart, cleanses the kidneys and respiratory system, beneficial to one’s brain function and memory, and improves the overall health of the body.

Liver cleanse

Liver cleanse


  • 15 lemons
  • 12 heads of garlic
  • 1 kg. Organic honey
  • 400 grams. Wheat germ
  • 400  grams. Nuts.

Grind the wheat sprouts in a coffee grinder. Clean garlic and nuts and place them in a blender, add 5 lemons with the rind and grind. The resulting mixture, mix it with the mixture with a stub and add the juice of only 10 remaining lemons, then add the honey and stir again nice. Place the drug in previously sterilized glass jars, nice close and place in refrigerator soaked for three days. Then the drug you can use as follows: take 1-2 tablespoons half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner and at bedtime.

Before you start to use natural medicine consult your doctor.

Stay Healthy – Healthyss Team!