Another Korean bodybuilding superstar.

The last couple of months have focused on the best open weight IFBB bodybuilders in the world and with good reason.

These men are the cream of the crop where bodybuilding is concerned. The competitors in the open weight division are essentially battling for the position of the best of the best.

To build a tremendous amount of muscle and maintain it over months, years in fact, is such a rare and challenging task to undertake.

But now that the 2016 Olympia has concluded, Phil Heath once again being crowned champion, it’s given us the opportunity to take a step back and discover other great talents around the world.

Enter Hwang In Jae.

Hailing from South Korea, Hwang In Jae is a beast of a bodybuilder that may not have the most recognition out there, but is an up and comer who bodybuilding fans should look out for.

A NABBA champion with a ton of genetic gifts, Hwang In Jae is an absolutely shredded and beastly competitor who has some of the craziest proportions in the game.

Besides his massive arms and other worldly striations, the Korean bodybuilder has some insane wheels, all while maintaining a tapered midsection.

If Hwang In Jae was a bodybuilder in the IFBB then there’s no doubt that he could challenge the members of the 212 class.

While we won’t see him on stage challenging Flex Lewis any time soon, there is a photo of the Korean bodybuilder on stage that should inspire anyone to get to the gym and train as hard as possible.

Check out Hwang In Jae, a bodybuilder with the potential to dominate the game.