Increase your life span with this simple advice

How much fruits and vegetables should you eat each day?


A Spanish study showed that the people, who eat seven servings of fruits and vegetables daily, live one year longer than those who do not have this habit.

Research has shown that large quantities of fruit and vegetables protect against heart disease. People, who daily consume more than 570 grams of fruit and vegetables, distributed in 7 servings, have 10 percent less likely to die prematurely and live on average 1.12 years longer than those who consumed less than 250 grams per day.

So, to avoid frequent illness, to keep our body more vital to be healthy and to continue life should consume more than 570 grams of fruit and vegetables. Because researchers believe that nearly three percent of the deaths could be prevented only by changing into food habits.

Great quantities of fruit and vegetables are especially recommended for people who consume alcohol, smoke cigarettes or people who have overweight.