Hypothyroidism treatment – Simple but Effective

Hypothyroidism treatment – Unlike hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism is decreased secretion of thyroid hormone.

The disease slowly attacks the thyroid gland and it can’t be discovered at start. In late phase can be dangerous and cause anemia, hypothermia, seizures, and decreased blood supply to the brain.

Hypothyroidism treatment

Hypothyroidism treatment

Symptoms for this disease are fatigue, depression, constantly feeling cold, pain in hands, feeling of confusion, dry and coarse hair or hair loss, constipation, slow heartbeat, weight gain, slow talking, blunt terms, briefly said its slowing organism functioning.

Below you will find recipe that will help you with hypothyroidism treatment, in a natural and healthy way.

This potion successfully treats the thyroid gland in the absence of iodine. Only one dose of the drink will be sufficient.

Recipe for drink – ingredients
40 pieces of green – young walnut
1kg homemade honey

Wash the walnuts, dry them and drill them with a needle several times or with a knife. Put them in a jar, put honey in the jar and leave it open and exposed to the sun. Leave the jar 40 days, then filter it and store the liquid in a glass jar or bottle.

Drink every day for 2 deciliters for successful hypothyroidism treatment

Daily intake of iodine through the diet (200 micro-grams) is needed for the thyroid gland to function smoothly.

Stay Healthy – Healthyss Team !