Honey Wraps – Cures Strong Cough and Removes Mucus from The Children’s Lungs In Just One Night!

The following is a completely natural remedy for common cold and it is especially useful for children.

Children Lungs Health

Children Lungs Health

This cure soothes the symptoms of many diseases and problems related to the respiratory tract.

Honey is a sweet food that comes with very high bio-activity and thanks to the special coating based on it we can easily eliminate mucus and ease coughing.
Wrap made from honey is a great way to get rid of persistent cough and the results are visible even after one night. As we already said, both adults and children can use this remedy.

Honey Wraps


-Raw honey
-Raw vegetable oil

Make a combination of flour with a small quantity of honey in order to create a mixture for a natural compress. Make sure that the mixture is not very sticky.
Add some raw vegetable oil and roll the compress in the flour. Put the mixture on a regular napkin and wrap it in cheesecloth.
Place it on your back or chest with the help of Band-Aid and put your pajamas. Keep in mind that the honey wrap shouldn’t cover the heart and the compression should be positioned above this area.
Keep this compress on your kid for about 3 hours (it is the best idea to use it while your kid is sleeping). Adults can use the compress for the entire night. If you want to improve the results, add a small amount of mustard powder (only for adults).

It is very likely that you will start sweating while the compress is on your body and you also might feel a little bit warmer. You can expect the results in the next day and you should not be afraid of any side effects.
You can practice this treatment for a few days on a daily basis, but you will most likely feel the difference after the first day.

Honey wraps – when should you use them?
Honey wraps are perfectly safe for children that are older than six months. Use them in case they are coughing. Don’t use these wraps if you have any wounds, injuries, diseases and allergies on your skin.