Honey – Natural Cures & Nature’s Remedy

One of the most delicious natural remedy is honey.

Expect as a natural energy source, honey is biologically valuable food for persons at different ages.

It has been proven that honey reduces the secretion of stomach acid. 66% of the interviewees were significantly reduced abdominal symptoms with regular use of honey.

Honey also has antibacterial effect. Act antibacterial due to high percentage of glucose, which reduces water bacterial cells and in that way dehydrates and destroys bacteria.

Honey in wound healing – with the application of honey on wound healing achieved is faster. But to fully achieve the effect of honey, it is necessary linings of honey to change on the wound time. We prepared a solution of honey in the ratio 1: 20 (1 part honey, 20 parts water). Then the solution is applied to a sterile strip that is placed on the wound.

In case of cold and cough consume one tablespoon of honey daily to relieve symptoms. The important thing to remember about honey is that it is not added to hot beverages such as tea, coffee or milk, it is necessary to cool and add the honey, because honey  exposure to heat lose its medicinal properties .