Healthy Foods That Will Make You Fat

Although full of protein and good fats, they are excellent antioxidants, however if you exaggerate with their consumption it can cause unwanted overweight, unwanted boost of calories…




Avocados are really superfood! One avocado contains 10 grams of fiber and twice as much potassium than a banana. It lowers cholesterol, reduces the risk of diabetes and cancer and improves skin health. But his fault lies in that it contains fat, so despite all its advantages in the event of excessive consumption there is a chance of getting overweight. Best is to be used as an additive or flavor when preparing meals.


Just like avocados, nuts contain a large amount of good fat. With a few glasses of beer and a few hands of these snacks you can enter a serious amount of calories. A piece of nuts contains about 135 calories; it is recommended only 1-2 hands of nuts daily.

Protein Chocolate

Protein is good, of course it is. But not if you decide to strengthen the bad fats and sugar. They are used to supplement the energy in case of long walks, hard exercise, hiking and all other situations that involve serious energy consumption.


In theory, these mixes are rich in fiber and they are a great snack or breakfast. The problem is that such packages usually contain sugar, honey, chocolate or other sweetener which significantly increases the calories.

Recommended dose is 4 tablespoons, a measure which is difficult to saturate anyone. Store them for a period when you are more physically active to serve as a good source of energy.

Dried fruits

Yeah, well it sounds that all nutrients and antioxidants from fruits are mixed together, but the problem is that dried fruits mainly contain added sugar. Eat them with moderation.


Chocolate with a high cocoa contains compounds called polyphenols, which help in lowering the blood pressure. But before you introduce chocolate in your diet, be aware of the fact that together with cocoa comes saturated fats and sugars. Therefore, find the ones with the highest percentage of cocoa, and opt for less rather than more chocolate.

Gluten-free foods

Here’s a fact: most gluten-free products include more calories than those who are rich in gluten. It is best to stick to those products that naturally do not contain this ingredient, such as quinoa for example.

Nutritious Liquids

They can act as the biggest bailout in hangover, but the energy that you feel really comes more from sugars than the B vitamins and electrolytes. Therefore, the nutrients should be received from food, not from these colored fluids.


Shakes are served in “oversized” glasses that are rich with various accessories such as chocolate, all this results in between 600 and 1000 calories. Better make yourself at home some great and healthy mix of ingredients that you want, moderately.


There are several reasons tuna is an excellent choice, and besides, there are numerous ways for its preparation. A tin containing less than 200 calories, one gram of fat and 42 protein to build muscle. But if you convert in tuna salad, there comes the problems. Just one tablespoon of mayonnaise adds additional 10 g fat plus 90 extra calories.


A cup of coffee has 5 calories, but most people opt for various supplements coffee: only sugar and milk added to coffee can significantly increase the calories. For example, latte coffee contains about 300 calories and 15 grams fat, and sugar. It is best to add just a teaspoon cream powdered milk instead of whole cup, or possibly completely discard sugar.

Yogurt with flavor

Greek yogurt is absolutely fantastic, especially the sweet varieties. But just one serving of this yogurt contains about 16 g sugars, half the recommended daily dose. Therefore, it is better to buy plain yogurt and add your own fresh fruit or something else.

Never ever exaggerate with anything, even with the proven healthy foods!

Stay Healthy – Healthyss team!