Healthy chocolate – 5 tips to choose the best

Healthy chocolate – learn how to recognize!
Eating chocolate can often be burden of all of us for our health. But it doesn’t need to be so if you make the right choice for chocolate. Recent scientific research tells us that chocolate is rich in antioxidants called flavonols.

Healthy chocolate

Healthy chocolate


These anti-oxidants protect our arteries, prostate glands, reduce inflammation and increase sensations of well-being. The same flavonols found in green tea and in certain types of berries.

Rules for proper use of chocolate

Of course, you need to follow some rules when choosing the right chocolate for you. Here are a few rules that will deprive your guilt that you eat too much chocolate:

Rule No.1: The darker the chocolate, the better. Look for a brand that provides at least 70% cocoa. Most people believe that the brands that contain 85% cocoa is too bitter to eat.

Rule No. 2: Read carefully the content of chocolate! Watch ingredients such as fructose, corn syrup and hydrogenated fats. These ingredients reduce the health benefits of chocolate!

Rule No. 3: Do not eat chocolate combined with milk. Drinking a cup of milk, while eating chocolate, is enough to block the absorption of all the anti-oxidants. Inhibition happens due to the high fat content in milk.

Rule No. 4: Consume small amounts. Stick to servings of about 15-30 grams at a time, one serving.

Rule No. 5: Be physically active. If you allow more serving or two servings of chocolate snacks during the day, it is inevitable to do training.

Enjoy in dark chocolate, healthy chocolate !

Stay Healthy – Healthyss Team !