Health benefits that you didn’t know – Pumpkins

Pumpkin has many health benefits, it is used in traditional medicine and cosmetics, and is known throughout history as a symbol of regeneration and longevity.

Curative part of the pumpkin is yellow orange fruit. Although hundred grams of fruit has only 26-30 calories, in it is concentrated large amount of minerals and vitamins. There is potassium which is an important for the work of the heart; phosphorus and calcium together participate in building bones and teeth, iron important for blood and manganese that protects the skin and cartilage. There are also the vitamins of group B, B1, B2 and B6, which are important for energy and nerves.

Pumpkin health benefits

Pumpkin health benefits

The inside part of the fruit is rich in beta carotene and vitamin E – have great health benefits, it is powerful antioxidants, essential for prevention and fight against cancer. Thanks to the cellulose the pumpkin have the ability to purify the body of waste products. Pumpkin is a good laxative that secretes inflammatory processes of the intestine and prevents cancer. It’s also recommended for the treatment of acne. The richness of naturally balanced vitamins and minerals in pumpkin contributes to strengthening the body’s resistance and greater mental freshness and vitality.

Healing effect – health benefits in traditional medicine, the pumpkin is recommended as a diuretic, for disposal accumulated water from the body, especially in people who suffer from rheumatism, gout, inflammation of the kidneys or bladder. It is considered as a great diet food for diabetics and people with overweight. It is recommended to be eaten boiled or roasted or to drink it like fresh squeezed juice. Recent research found that pumpkin works well for treating psoriasis. The seeds of the pumpkin are also curative and often recommended as an effective tool against child worms. They can be consumed from children from two – three years, pregnant women, nursing mothers and the elderly, and people with a sick liver. Pumpkin seed eased symptoms in prostate.

Skin health benefits – Face Mask – make mashed pumpkin paste and put it on the face for ten minutes. It will clean up and reduce pores, and the skin will absorb the vitamins and minerals. It is especially good for skin that is prone to acne and blackheads creation. Lately, also the beauty industries are applying old knowledge, so in care products for skin problems they use of substances and health benefits from pumpkins.

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