He Exposes The Shocking Truth About Meat Glue. I Had NO Idea!

Have you ever heard of meat glue? Neither have I, but watch this video and you might be wiser for it!


Shocking Truth About Meat Glue

I will now question every steak I eat at a restaurant now thanks to this video. Apparently it is very common to use this “meat glue” in food preparations to bind poor quality meats and sell them as higher quality meats. This guy, Greg, has decided it is time to point out the fact that some people are using this meat glue in their meat products.

He takes a cut of brisket and some pre-cut stew meat and uses this meat glue to combine the two types of meat together. His goal is to make a fake rib eye steak out of this meat combination. He calls it the franken-steak, which is a good term for it. Watch this video to see how he does it. source: buynongmoseeds

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