He Drink This And He Lived For 150 Years – Here is the explanation!

According to many, evidence that whey is very healthy is a man named Old Thomas Parr, a humble English farmer, who allegedly lived 150 years. He was known for drinking whey every day, it was the key for his longevity. Many people do not know that whey is something that was used by our grandmothers, although many people are familiar with health benefits of whey. It is very hard to find it in the store, but if you know someone who prepare cheese try to get from him and have the drink of longevity.

He Drinked This And He Lived For 150 Years - The key for longevity

He Drinked This And He Lived For 150 Years – The key for longevity

Whey is sweet liquid, which is actually the rest of the process of expanding, after the cheese is separated from the liquid. According to many, it have many health benefits because of the nutrients that it contains, it helps regulate digestion and it contains 16 high-quality proteins – globulins,  albumin and immunoglobulin, eight minerals, seven vitamins (especially vitamin B2), 23 amino acids, 11 enzymes … outstanding choice for health, longevity and development because it helps in the quick restoration of cells.

According to some, these proteins are more valuable than protein from eggs, because it stimulates the kidneys,  liver and gallbladder,  accelerates detoxification and rejection of accumulated toxins. This liquid quickly reach all organs which compensates various deficits and because of the low pH value this transfer to the organs is very fast.

It is interesting that a liter of whey has only 360 calories, less than half the same amount of fresh milk.

If consumed regularly, experts say that it helps in activating a number of bodily functions and at the same time helps to melt the excess body fat.

Initially whey should be consumed in moderation because it has diuretic properties. It can be consumed three times a day for 1.5 ounces, and if a few days do not show any unpleasant consequences, you can consume up to liter daily. Some people drink it just to quench the thirst.

Whey is used by many to treat candida infection, for better digestion, high blood pressure, cholesterol, various intestinal diseases, kidney,  liver and gall bladder and it is good ally with the accompanying inconvenience during chemotherapy and radiation.

If you are among those who are trying to eat healthy and natural, you should definitely include whey in your list among other things because it does not contain preservatives.

In the diet of newborns whey can be replacement for breast milk.

Stay Healthy – Healthyss Team!