Hair restoration – Stop hair loss

Hair restoration treatments – healthy, homemade, simple and effective.

Spring causes changes in the body due to which more hair falls. You do not have to panic and run for your hairdresser for help, or buy expensive hair loss treatments. You can do it naturally from ingredients that you find in your kitchen and thus to prevent hair loss in effective healthy way. Perhaps this hair restoration treatments, some of them, will not be very pleasant, but certainly they will be effective.

Hair restoration

Below are the 3 best effective recipes for hair restoration

Egg based hair restoration treatment

Beat one egg until you get frothy paste. Add a teaspoon of rum and a teaspoon castor oil. Mix it until ingredients unite, apply the mixture on the head and massage the hair. Then cover your head with a towel and allow the product to work at least 3 hours, it’s even better if you get some nap during that time.

After 3 hours, wash your hair first with yolk from egg, and after that with water in which you squeeze lemon juice. Repeat treatment once a week until your hair recovers.

Nettle root based hair restoration treatment

Wash 100 grams of nettle root and place it in a liter of homemade brandy or other strong liquor with 70% strength. Allow the product to stand for 8 days. Then put the contents into a clean bottle and add a few drops of castor oil and add a little cologne water because of the smell. With this product make daily massages of the hair roots.

Wine vinegar based hair restoration treatment

Take 100 grams of nettle and cook for 20 minutes in half liter of water. Cover the bowl and let it stand for about 8 hours. Then strain the liquid and add 200 grams wine vinegar in it. With this product make hair massages every night.

Stay Healthy – Healthyss Team !