Great Benefits of The Water and The Ideal Daily Quantity -bodybuilding/fitness

Great Benefits of The Water and The Ideal Daily Quantity -bodybuilding/fitness

We give our attention to a much needed drink (but often overlooked): water.
Your body is composed mostly of water.

Up to 78% of your body is water. And water is important for every single function in your body … including your metabolism. If you’re even slightly dehydrated, you will get thirsty, though some people mistake it for the fame.

If you get too dehydrated, you might start feelinga little sick, might notice a headache or nausea.

The functions of the body isn’t working optimally (including fat burning). And it just gets worse as you get more dehydrated.

So why wait until you get thirsty or get a headache? The goal is to get enough water on a daily basis so that your body does not need to ask for it.
At this point, you may be rolling your eyes and saying: “Yes, Yes … just drink lots of water. Understood. Check “. But since you’re lifting weights and doing cardio-and maybe even taking supplements-you need more water than the average person.

You see, the recommendation for the average person is to get seven or eight glasses of water a day, which is about two litres. Most people who actually don’t drink that many glasses a day.

Instead, they get their water through some other sources, as the foods they eat and other drinks they drink. For example, many fruits are composed primarily of water.

However, the problem is that people are counting the drinks like coffee as part of their daily intake. Because coffee has caffeine in it, it works as a diuretic.

This means that you can actually pull water out of the body (which is why you need to use the bathroom so often when you drink coffee). So while the coffee can be a little moisturizer, not as good as having a glass of plain water (or decaffeinated coffee if you must).

The other thing is that this is not a “one size fits all” concept. which means may need four liters of water per day, while your partner hasonly needed two liters per day.

– Here are the factors that influence the amount of water you need to drink per day:

-Exercise and other activities. Of course, if you’re sweating up storm during sessions of weight lifting or cardio workouts, then you’ll need to replenish this loss of liquid. Drink a glass or two before workouts, and then reconstitute at least every 20 minutes during your workout.

-Temperature. If it’s hot, you’re going to sweat more, which means that you are loosing fluid. Obviously, you need to be sure to drink more each time this happens.

-The foods you eat. As mentioned earlier, watery foods (such as fruit or soup) means you’re already getting some fluids. But if you are drinking caffeine (or alcohol), you’re losing some of this liquid.

-Supplements or medications. If you’re taking any medications, ask your doctor if you need to increase your intake of water. Also, you need to increase your water intake if you are using some supplements (which we will discuss in the next post).

-Disease. Finally, if you’re sick, then you need to drink more water. This is especially true if you are vomiting or diarrhea, both of which can dehydrate quickly.