Ginseng root – Health Benefits

Ginseng is known for centuries. And today is used in folk medicine of China, Japan and other eastern countries as a means of improving the quality of life and longevity.


Ginseng root

Healing properties of ginseng are hiding in the roots that grow for 4-6 years. Only after this period he accumulates enough quantity of so-called ginsenosides which are unique in their structure and in their actions, components that give curative effect on the plant. Root is particularly appropriate after illness, and prevention of diseases.

Weakened immunity

Ginseng stimulates the function of immune system. The complex of useful substances increases the body’s resistance against harmful factors and normalizes processes in it. Immunostimulatory effect of ginseng is due to the fact that biologically active compounds facilitate the formation of cells that destroy foreign microorganisms that are in your body.

Tiredness and stress

Ginseng is especially suitable in constant fatigue because it regulates the secretion of stress hormones in the body. It maintains hormones, pituitary, hypothalamus, adrenal glands. Ginseng stimulates the formation of endorphins which are responsible for a good mood. In addition enhances concentration and increases physical endurance.

Cancer and diabetes

Ginseng has a beneficial effect against diabetes. It determined that those who suffer from diabetes, they lower the level of blood sugar with receiving 100-200 mg of ginseng daily. He represses the growth of some cancer cells.

Research shows that those who receive ginseng in the form of a supplement are lowering risk of developing a cancerous disease.

Heart problems

The root of ginseng is used as a supplement to treat several cardio-vascular diseases. It is appropriate in heart failure and heart defects. It is recommended as a main supplement after heart attack and stroke because it improves heart activity and blood vessels.

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