Fiber Foods – Tips for Children

Fiber is a nutrient that needs to be present in the diet of every child, for various reasons. For starters, a healthy breakfast for a child is consisted of 50% whole grain food, and 50% fruits and vegetables. Both kinds of food are very rich in fiber, excellent fiber foods.

The problem here is that sometimes, it’s difficult to get a child to eat the kind of food that is fiber rich, because, they might prefer sweets. This is why we’ve gathered several tips below that will help you include high-fiber foods into your child’s diet.

Fiber Foods Tips for Children

Fiber Foods Tips for Children

1. Leave the peal on apples to get more fiber.

2. When you’re buying wheat and grains look for the 100% whole assurance on the label.

3. Ensure your child drinks a lot of water, because it’s needed for the fiber to work properly.

4. Begin a diet filled with high fiber foods as a way to keep the whole family healthy.

5. When it comes to cereals and breads, look for those that have above 4 grams of fiber.

6. Remember that the fiber, the insoluble kind, will help a child’s stomach work better.

7. On the other hand, soluble fiber will help lower the cholesterol levels.

8. Include, at minimum, two kinds of 100% whole-wheat food in a day.

9. When it comes to meat, always pick lean meats. If you’re making hot dogs, ensure the buns are made out of whole grains that are fat free.

10. The best kinds of high fiber foods are whole grain breads, fresh veggies and fruits, as well as beans.

11. Replace white rice, white sugar, and white pasta with their brown counterparts, because they contain a lot more nutrients and fiber.

12. When it comes to fruits, berries are the best, especially raspberries and blackberries. They have a very small amount of calories, and that makes them the perfect choice.

13. Frozen vegetables and fruits are just as good as fresh and are very rich in fiber.

14. Use black beans instead of their refried counterparts, because the black beans are richer in fiber and have a smaller amount of calories.

Stay Healthy – Healthyss Team!