Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan

Many people we know struggle to manage their weight. These days we are all gaining weight a lot more than expected because of our busy and stressful lifestyle.

More and more children are also obese. In regions like India, there are almost 40% of people that are fat. Obesity is gaining over the world very quickly.

Problems with being overweight

Obesity or being overweight can cause various problems.

Here are some of them:

People who are overweight consume more food than they need. Almost 1/3 of the whole world consumes even 50% more of the food they need. If we try to eat as much food as we need, we won’t be that obese;
Obesity definitely causes lots of health problems like: increasing of the blood pressure, ulcers, cardiac problems, gout, diabetes, thyroid problems digestive disorders, , etc.;
It also causes psychological and physical stress.

Why do we become overweight?

Many different reasons can cause this condition. There are even people who don’t notice they have extra kilograms until it has become too late.

Here, we’re presenting you some of the reasons:

We intake more bread, flour, baked goods, pastries and fried food.
We eat fast food far too often and that’s unhealthy food mainly. The portions are increasing from time to time;
Our unhealthy lifestyle is full of sleeping late, erratic work time, insomnia, etc.;

We eat too much processed and packaged foods;
We don’t have any physical activity. Sedentary lifestyle is present more and more and we can see that almost everything we do is done by machines. We don’t go out like before. We don’t even walk, but instead take a cab or drive.

Are we overweight?

Here, we’re presenting you several indicators that will show you that you’re overweight:

If you’re eating more and getting frequent cravings, it’s usually a sign of “fatness”.
The fat percentage and waist to hip ratio can also tell you if you’re getting fat. There are some established ranges that you mustn’t pass: for women, the range is 25% and a 2-3% increase is OK, but in case you were 22% before, and now you’re 25%, be careful! Make sure you don’t check your BMI or lean body mass because it will only confuse you;
If you have gained weight recently, start making diet and lifestyle changes;
Consider some lifestyle changes if someone recently told you that you gained weight;
The easiest indicator is to see if you fit in your clothes.

Fast weight loss diet plan

As soon as you’ve seen that you’re overweight, start a diet plan, but make sure it’s healthy. There are lots of these online.

Try to follow these guidelines:

Start and end your day with a glass of warm water;
Eat a liquid diet that will be rich in soups and milk. Make sure that 25-30% of your diet is liquid and the rest of it can be solid food;
Eat a little less than you feel the need to. Eat enough so that you feel hungry every 3 hours;
Don’t eat after 8 PM! If you’re feeling hungry, drink a cup of milk or eat a piece of fruit;
Stop drinking water during or after your meals;
Take smoothies, lime juice, seasonal fruit or salad as a snack, but make sure you avoid snacks more than 4 times a day;
Avoid too much soft drinks, tea, coffee, alcohol and canned juice;
Eat lightly cooked vegetarian food;
Walk at least four times a day for 15 minutes, mostly before meals
Avoid junk food (processed foods, fried foods, pastries, pizza, hot-dog, canned food, sweets, preservatives and foods rich in sodium or chemicals).