10 Quick Exercises To Significantly Tone Your Neck & Reduce Double Chin

A double chin can distract from even the most attractive person. There are several reasons behind forming a double chin.

Genetics: Just as you inherit your hair color and your eye color from your parents, you may also inherit the potential for a double chin. All you have to do is to take a look around at your family members to see if you are going to be destined for a double chin or not.

Age: Double chin seems to develop as we age. The skin becomes loose and muscle loss play a role as we age. Chin muscles, like the rest of your muscles, start to slack as you age.

double chin

double chin

Weight gain: One of the biggest reasons we develop double chin is because of excess weight. Your face and neck are the first places that respond when you lose or gain weight. This can contribute to the forming of the double chin.

Some things you cannot change, like genetics but other things you can, like weight gain. In any case there are exercises that you can do that will reduce your double chin and even prevent it.

There are muscles in your chin—work them out to increase their ability to hold the fat and skin in place.

TRY THESE 10 CHIN EXERCISES Give these 10 exercises a try to get your double chin under control:

Tongue Press: Sitting up straight and bend your head back so that you are face is pointed toward the ceiling. Press your tongue hard against the roof of your mouth. Keep your tongue against the roof of your mouth pressing and slowly bring your head down toward your chest without moving your shoulders, let your neck do the work. Do 20 reps.

Pout and Tilt: Sit or stand and stick your lower lip out as far as you can. You should feel pulling in your neck as you do this. Hold the position for one second. Then pull your chin down toward your chest, using your neck not your shoulders. Pause once your chin gets to your chest and release. Do 20 reps.

The O: Sit straight up with your back against the chair. Tilt your head all the way back so that your face is pointed toward the ceiling. Form and O with your lips pulling them together, hold the O and pull your chin toward your chest using only your neck muscles. Do 20 reps.



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