Some of the Most Effective Chest Exercises for Muscle Building

In order to build a massive and impressive chest, it is extremely important to perform the most effective chest exercises.

Some guys have very good genetics when it comes to chest development and they don`t have to train as smart as others with poorer genetics. Sometimes people tend to over complicate things and perform exercises that look impressive but are not effective.

Most effective chest exercises – The Bench Press

There is no way around the good old bench press, which is often called β€œthe squat of the upper body.” Bench presses incorporate most of the main muscle groups of your torso and also increase your strength and of course size. Many experts and bodybuilders suggest to start with bench press as the first exercise.

There are several reasons why it is better to perform it as the first exercise. It is important to hit your chest muscles with heavy weights when they are still fresh and when you still have plenty of energy. This will maximize the number of muscle fibers that get stimulus and this leads to growth. The bench press is also a good warm-up exercise and your muscles and joints need to be warmed up, when performing such exercises like flyes, because they really stretch the chest muscles.

Most effective chest exercises – Cable flyes

Cable flyes are also one of the most effective chest exercises. It is very important to perform this exercise correctly to achieve maximum muscle growth. When you bring your arms together, you must contract the chest muscles really hard. Cables flyes are more effective then ordinary dumbbell flyes because the time under tension during the last part of the exercise is greater. Flyes allow a much fuller range of motion then the ordinary bench press exercises.

One of the mistakes that people make when doing this exercise, is using too heavy weights. This exercise must be performed with light weights and the emphasis needs to be on form, because of the stretch of this exercise. Expanding and stretching the ribcage creates a thicker and deeper look to your torso and also adds inches to your chest.

The goal of each set from the beginning to the end is to fatigue your targeted muscles, in this case the chest, with each subsequent set. Until in the end your targeted muscles reach complete fatigue and that sends the growth signal to the brain. The most effective chest exercise are only effective when they are performed correctly. So use weights that you can handle and leave your ego behind.