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The liver is a vitally important organ, which performs more than 500 functions in the organism, connected not only with the functioning of the separate systems, but with the general exchange of physiological components – and as a consequence, with the balance and functional state of the whole organism.

hepatitis treatment

This organ possesses large internal reserves, including the ability for fast rehabilitation after different disorders of organism. There are many opportunities to keep liver healthy, especially if it has adequate prophylactic support and additional protection.

Milk thistle

This plant possesses a wide spectrum of effects. Its fruits contain specific flavonolignans ( three osomers- silybin, silyichristin, silydianin) , flavonoids, alkaloids, saponins, organic acids, biogenic amines ( tyramine, histamine ), up to 30% oil and 0,1% essential oil, vitamin K, mucous, essential micro and macro elements ( copper, selenium and other). Basic active substance is silymarin. Proved features of the milk thistle are: expressed hepatical protective effect, participation in the liver cells renewal which are damaged by toxins and viruses, anti – inflammatory effect, effect of wound healing in gastrointestinal disorders. In addition, milk thistle is indicated in case of weaken immunity, as adaptogenic agent.


Rosehip fruits and their preparations – water extracts, syrups, vitamin tea, extracts- are used in hypovitaminosis and avitaminosis C and P (which appear as result of disorders affecting the permeability of blood vessels walls); they are used in acute and chronic infections, colds and pneumonias; they are recommended to people who suffered from diseases, traumas or surgery. The rosehip extract has strong hepatic – protective effect.

So you should use these together because they:

–  affects upon reducing of the symptom in damaged liver, caused by alcoholism, use it during alcoholic hepatitis treatment

–  affects upon reducing of the symptoms from the infective liver inflammation ( hepatitis ), good for hepatitis treatment

–  positively influences the liver damage that is caused by medications (antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs)

–  reduces symptoms associated with indigestion because of consumption of unhealthy food

–  during chemotherapy because it protects the liver and kidneys

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