Why You Should Drink More Water And Stay Hydrated

It’s important that you know these things

Water is extremely important in everyday life, your body consists up to 70% of it. Drinking water brings in many health benefits.

Water is so damn important in our everyday life that you can last weeks without food but going longer than a day or two without water is certain death. So, being properly hydrated is as important as eating your daily protein intake and not skipping leg day.


Why You Should Drink More Water

Fat Loss

When you drink water, your body warms it up to body temperature using extra calories as fuel. On a daily basis, it’s not really that many calories, but in a year that can be as much as 17,000 calories burned just by drinking water.

In weight loss terms that would come down to about five pounds of fat lost in a single year by—you’ve guessed it—drinking water.


If your body is filled with random junk foods, you could probably use a good detox. The best method to do so? Drink water — lots of it. Drinking water is the best way to purify your body and remove all the bad stuff from if.

You can do it by just downing water or you could add some squeezed lemon juice for vitamin and minerals.

Muscle Size

Hell yeah, finally getting to the good stuff. If you have ever taken or thought about taking creatine, you know that in order for it to work, and you to increase your muscle size, you need lots and lots of water.

However, water increases the volume of muscle cells even without you taking creatine. When you consume carbs, the glycogen in your muscles takes water from your body to increase the muscle size.

Reduces The Urge For Empty Calories

Low-quality energy drinks, sugary drinks, alcohol, and junk food all have empty calories — calories that add nothing to your body and only make you fat. Drinking water can help in reducing the urges for drinking empty calorie drinks.

Increases Energy Levels

Drinking water can help a lot in replenishing your energy levels. When you perform a high-intensity workout session you will probably be sweating like a maniac, which is basically your body leaking water.

Restocking your body with water can increase your energy levels because you just gave the body what it lost.

Clears The Skin

This is more of a beauty tip, but there’s no reason not to be swole and handsome at the same time. If you have bad skin filled with acne, pimples, and grease you should try drinking more water to clear that out.

Water hydrates the skin and fills it with minerals and enzymes from other parts of the body which will keep your skin clear.

Speeds Up Recovery

Same as above, if you don’t drink enough of water during the day and after your workout, not only will your recovery rate slow down drastically. Your progress could also begin to stall and medical issues could begin to pop up.

Water mixed in with some proper post workout nutrition like BCAAs or protein could be the difference between you seeing some size gainz or staying the same until your stubborn ass realizes you have to drink lots of water.