Detoxification – simple and sweet (Aronia berries)

No matter how much we try to eat healthy food, to stay away from “garbage” food that is everywhere around us, we can’t stay “clean”, detoxification is a process that we need to practice at least 1 time in a month.

There are different kind of detoxification treatments, but natural way is always the best and the right choice.
In this article we will present you detoxification method based on Aronia berries.
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Detoxification Aronia berries

Detoxification Aronia berries

Detoxification and health benefits – Aronia berries
The benefits of small black fruit Aronia are awesome, work very well as a prophylactic, disease prevention. So anyone who wants to be healthy, Aronia is a miracle of nature, be sure to consume it.

Benefits of Aronia:
Anti-sclerotic effect
Reduce blood pressure
Reduce oxidized LDL cholesterol levels
Reduce inflammation
Reduce the chance of a heart attack
Reduce recovery time following a heart attack
Reduce weight gain
Reduce eye inflammation
Reduce muscle recovery time after workouts
Regulate Blood sugar
Reduce the chance of developing cancer (contain extremely high amount of antioxidants)

The fruit is unique in its ability; it connects heavy metals in the body and thus detoxifies the body. Natural, healthy, simple and effective detoxification method!
Do not use if you suffer from ulcers or gastritis, because it irritates the stomach.
Directions: Put 2-4 tablespoons fruit in 2 cups boiling water. Drink 3 times a day half cup, 30 minutes before main meals.

Stay Healthy – Healthyss Team !