“Deadly” Combination Against Skin Tumors – Natural

Unguent mix with garlic and figs in the treatment of skin tumors and other skin growths.

Skin tumors are the most common form of cancer, globally accounting for at least 40% of cases. It is especially common among people with light skin. The most common type is non-melanoma skin cancer, which occurs in at least 2-3 million people per year. (source)

Mix for Skin Tumors

Mix for Skin Tumors

Preparation of the mix:

  • Take a container and fill with water (100 grams)
  • Put 2 dried figs to soften,
  • Mash them and mix them with acidified yeast, put also a mashed clove of garlic.
  • Apply the mix to the areas on the skin where tumors or skin growths are.
  • Repeat the whole procedure every day until the skin tumors (or skin growth) disappears.

Consult with your doctor during the process.

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