2-Ingredient Colon Cleansing Mixture To Flush Out Fecal Waste From Your Gut

2-Ingredient Colon Cleansing Mixture To Flush Out Fecal Waste From Your Gut

Due to many years of faulty eating—poor choices of food, poor eating habits and wrong food combination—the small intestines have become somewhat inefficient due to the foods clogging the internal wall lining. This happens to most people whose dietary is lacking in fiber (from eating flour-products, meat, processed foods, prolonged medication, alcohol, etc.)


Over the years, these “leftover (undigested) foods” begin to rot and form encrustation in the intestines. This is one of the causes of bad breath—it is the odor from this rotting encrustation. One of the functions of the small intestines is to absorb nutrients. But as the internal wall is now lined with encrustation, absorption has become inefficient. Many health problems follow when the intestines’ functions are compromised.

Chronic constipation, weak metabolism, diabetes, excessive or insufficient weight gain, kidney and liver diseases, hearing and vision problems, skin, hair and nail problems, as well as many other chronic diseases, ranging from arthritis to cancer are just some of the signs that your gastro intestines are not clean.

By eliminating the mucus, fecal deposits and parasites from the intestines you can prevent and remedy many health conditions.

It is for this reason that a gastrointestinal cleanse is recommended before doing any juice cleanse so that absorption of nutrients is increased, making healing so much easier.



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