Cancer treatment series – Top 10 herbs

The gifts of nature are indispensable in cancer treatment and prevention.

Along with traditional cancer treatment (if you already started), you can include a few herbs and spices that will help you with the power of nature to win the most dreaded disease.

Cancer treatment herbs

Cancer treatment herbs

Besides cancer, these herbs are very useful for the body – they reinforce, strengthen the immune system and will help you stay healthy. Herbs are natural helpers against many diseases. Their use in the daily menu can help us to be healthy, functional and the for sure will act preventive against the disease of the century – cancer. It’s nice on the table every day to have fresh spices, herbs and foods that are a natural shield against tumors and other dangerous diseases. And do not forget – Nature is a great healer.  Let this herbs help you with cancer treatment.

1. Turmeric is a spice that is most effective in destroys tumors. It is not accidental. The plant contains a lot of antioxidants that have the ability to melt cancers cells. According to recent surveys half teaspoon turmeric a day is enough to reduce the cancer cells. You can use it with a glass of yogurt and drink it.

2. Thymus serpyllum – It contains many useful ingredient thymol, which effectively “fight” with cancer cells. The herb is used as a medicine especially in oral cancer.

3. Basil, it is known that purifies the body. He is a natural protector which opposes the creation of cancerous cells, limiting their development and even melts them.  Page2



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