Cancer Protection and Alcohol

Researching deaths caused by cancer in the past 30 years, scientists have concluded several things about the connection between alcohol abuse and cancer. The following facts are something everybody needs to be aware of:

Cancer protection and alcohol

Cancer protection and alcohol

1. Alcohol is dangerous to your health, true, but alcohol is extremely dangerous when it comes to cancer. And while consuming large quantities of it leads, of course, to an elevated risk of cancer, the risk occurs even when alcohol is consumed in smaller amounts as well.

2. This is why alcohol consumption has been established as one of the major causes of deadly cancers that can be prevented.

3. Alcohol consumption can cause cancer deaths – in drinkers that consume an average of 1.5 drinks, and even less, per day.

4. An astounding 15 percent of the women that die of breast cancer have been known alcohol consumers and alcohol comes up as the main reason for their cancer death.

5. Consuming alcohol can elevate the risk for several cancers, like breast cancer, cancers of the liver, rectum, throat, esophagus and colon.

6. Cancer deaths that are related to alcohol consumption could have been avoided, prevented, with the victim losing a potential 18 years of life.

7. It’s been proven that a moderate consumption of alcohol actually lowers the risk of diseases to the cardiovascular tissues (and deaths caused by those diseases) and while this is correct, the fact that stands out is that alcohol causes 10 times more deaths than it prevents.

Stay Healthy – Healthyss Team !