Brutally Honest 4-Step Guide To Losing Weight — The True Experience

Wanna make gains? Try going through heartbreak.

Aaron Blayaert was once a fat, unimpressive and untrained man, who recently took control of his ordinary life and burned away 80 pounds of dead weight in one year. In honor of this, we’re summarizing his 4 key points to “realistically” redefining your physique, as outlined in Blayaert’s



More important than you may have thought. Crushing brews is the equivalent to cramming the House of Bread into your Vitamixer and not looking back. Thank God the “useful” scientists out there are balls deep in groundbreaking styles of Protein Beer, allowing you to justify one more questionable habit in your life.



Or in other words, watch an episode of My 600-Pound Life to get a grasp on what not to do. No one is putting a gun to your head demanding you eat until you feel like Mike Tyson punched you in the liver.

Plan your portions ahead of time, and when it’s done, it’s done – your life doesn’t revolve around food, it’s fuel for everything else. You wouldn’t take your car out just so you can have the pleasure of putting gas in it, would you?


No, the answer isn’t 18 beers a day for the next 2 months. It’s not lying in bed like Brian Wilson, listening to the mixtape she gave you; and it’s most definitely not finding a new hobby in Cosplay, so you don’t have to be your pathetic self in public.


We’ve all had our hearts broken, perhaps ripped out like that Indiana Jones movie and tossed into a volcanic crevice, and if you haven’t, it will happen; but that doesn’t mean it’s the end! It’s an opportunity.

Life is all about perspective — you can either be defeated, and view life as simply fresh injustices day to day, or you can not be a bitch, and turn disappointment into fuel for success. I get it, not as easy as it sounds; however, I’ve been there, and I’m still making gains. Think of the recent homicide of your heart as a new supplement: you wouldn’t want to waste the new pre-workout or creatine that just came in the mail, so you train just that much harder; consequently, don’t waste this frustration and go crush some PR’s.


Day 1, you wake up in a swamp of apathy — fair enough, you can have a day of mourning, go back to sleep you poor bastard.

Day 2, stumbling to the bathroom, you look at yourself in the mirror and think, “I need to make some changes.” You hit the nail on the head bro, suit up, it’s time to lift.

Day 3, you may be sore from the new program, but take some Ibuprofen, some fish oil and stay on the Gain Train — it’s all about consistency in the beginning.

The Foreseeable Future: Rise out of that trash you called a relationship (because let’s face it, if she broke your heart, she’s not worth your time anyway — you could’ve been training), and create the man you should be, physically and mentally.


Most importantly, create an ethos, a way of thinking that doesn’t allow time for excuses. There are negotiable things and non-negotiable things. Tomorrow morning’s training for example, would be a non-negotiable thing. You get the point.


Studies have shown that liquid calories are the biggest contributor to excess body fat. Maybe it’s due to their quick-to-the-bloodstream qualities, or that they’re primarily drank by unimpressive people — I’m no statistician, but I see a correlation.
The point when you realize beer is healthier than soda…


Soda and fruit juice are public enemies one and two when it comes to losing fat, with soda just barely edging out those “natural” juices. Why is fruit juice like bottled Diabetes? Well my friend, the fiber has been removed; so where eating the entire fruit was once healthy and on the right end of the glycemic index, this strained juice has oozed into a quick release insulin spike that happens to taste like fruit.

If you want to even out your nutrient pyramid with something colorful, just eat the damn thing, you don’t need to drink it.