Best winter fruits – flu prevention

Are you prepared for the winter season?

We will prepare for you several articles for the best winter fruits to have around you.

Holidays are coming (New Year, Christmas) you don’t want to catch flu or fever right.

In this part we will present you the Quince. It is one of the rare fruits that come in winter and it is rich with nutrients.


–          Anti inflammatory properties (rich with vitamin C, boost immunity and treats inflammatory conditions, anti allergen)

–          Good for weight loss (rich with fiber, low calorie, low saturated fat, low on sodium)

–          Anti viral properties (rich in phenolics – especially Chinese Quince)

–          Anticancer properties (rich with astringent – tannins, catechin, epicatechin)

–          Relieves stress (rich with antioxidants)

–          Lowers cholesterol

–          Lower blood pressure (rich with potassium)

–          Great antioxidant

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Have you ever tried some Quince recipe? Share it with us.

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