The Best And Most Used Exercises For The Back!

Key factors in determining the best and most effective exercises for a muscle group is the degree of activation of muscle fibers and targeting specific muscle group when performing the assigned exercise.

Therefore in this article we will give you a list of the best exercises for the back muscles. This list is made according to research made within the bodybuilding and fitness industry and the experience of professional bodybuilding athletes.

We want to note here that this list does not constitute determining the schedule of exercises while performing your back workout, because in any exercise program the complex exercises should always be performed before isolation movements for a particular muscle group.

Ranking number 10 – Standing Straight-Arm Pull down exercise

This movement is commonly used as a final exercise by experienced practitioners and professional bodybuilders to allow maximum muscle stimulation of the latissimus dorsi muscle group that is part of the back muscles.

But what is characteristic of this exercise is that if you don’t have well developed muscles of the back that support the proper conduct of this exercise and will allow raising more weight simply this exercise will not be an efficient and useful movement for maximum stimulation the latissimus dorsi muscle group.

Ranking No. 9 – Reverse Grip Bent Over Row Exercise

This exercise is a variant of bent over rows movements that targets only the lower part of the latissimus dorsi muscle group. What you need to know about this movement is that it does not provide comprehensive and orderly development of the back muscles because this exercise is targeting a very small part of the back muscles.

This applies to all beginners and those practitioners who have low and improperly developed back. While all experienced practitioners who have well-developed dorsal muscles this exercise is a great choice for targeting the lower part of the latissimus dorsi muscle group. This movement will also reduce pressure on the muscles of the shoulder due to reverse positioning of hands compared with bent over barbell row exercise.

Ranking No. 8 – Seated Cable Row exercise

Seated Cable Rows exercise, which has several variants is often used by all experienced practitioners, but it is still below ranked in the list of the most effective exercises for the back.

This is mostly due to the fact that in carrying out this exercise the muscles of the lower back and the muscles of the torso are involved in performing this movement. Another reason is that this exercise mostly targeting trapezoid muscles.

Although this muscle group is important for proper posture however this exercise does not provide a full and proper development of the muscles of the back.

Ranking No. 7 – Dumbbell Rows movements

Ranking No. 6 – Lat Pull downs exercise

This exercise is usually the movement used for the muscles of the back and is a great way to provide proper muscle development of this muscle group, but only if properly performed.

Research made within the fitness and bodybuilding industry show that the width of grip while performing this exercise is the key and most important factor in the activation of many muscle fibers, or the withdrawal of weight from the front is the most important and crucial factor that will allow the correct and comprehensive development of the back muscles.

Proper execution of this exercise and the use of greater weight will allow widely developed back.

Ranking No. 5 – Upright Rows movements

Ranking Number 4 – Dead lifting (dead lift)

This ranking will not be accepted by almost all experienced practitioners who regularly make dead lifting.

But it should be noted that this list ranks the best exercises for a full and maximum development of the muscles of the back, and not the best exercises for the full development of the body (that is dead lifting).

But despite this dead lifting is one of the best exercises for proper development of the back which at the same time will increase the strength and endurance for many other exercises.


Ranking No. 3 – Bent Over Barbell Row Exercise

This movement is commonly used compound exercise for back muscles which activates latissimus dorsi muscle group, rhomboid major muscle group and the muscle trapeze as primary muscle groups, while the muscles of the biceps, the muscles of the back shoulder and muscle torso represent secondary muscle group.

When performing this exercise no matter whether you are beginner or more experienced practitioner you are advised to use lighter weight.

Ranking Number 2 – T-Bar row exercise

This exercise is known as old school exercise from the golden era of bodybuilding that will enable the construction of solid and massive dorsal muscles.

This exercise is superior to other exercises to activate the middle back, inner part of the latissimus dorsi muscle group and rhomboid major muscle group.

Despite these muscle groups this exercise activates the following muscle groups: muscular rear shoulder muscles of the forearm and biceps muscles that help the movement and control them.

Rating No. 1 -Pull-ups (Pull-ups / weighted pull-ups)

Pull-ups is the oldest and the best exercise for the muscles of the back. There are many variations of this exercise, but the correct and proper form should include grip a little more to the width of the shoulders.

This exercise activates every muscle from the back, so you should always have a place in your training program back.