Best Butt Exercises To Get A Firm, Lifted, And Rounded Booty

Every girl’s wish is to get a round, curvy and firm butt. But it takes a lot of time and hard work to push you to hit the gym and do the hardcore workout.

Experts have come up with three best butt exercises that have proved to be working, and they are not only effective but also fun to do.
Let’s look at the three best butt exercises that will help you to get a round and firm butt with smart work instead of hard work.

What you need for butt exercise?

The first and the most important thing before starting your workout is to find a peaceful place where no one can see you. That’s because sometimes it becomes really awkward when people interfere with their ideas.

That might be effective too but we don’t have to mess with many exercises. Keep it short and simple so that it can be easy for you to follow. You need:

1.A bench or step.
2.Light to medium dumbbells, which are convenient for you to hold; not so light and not so heavy.
3.A gym mat or yoga mat.
4.A timer that will help you to track your exercise duration. Set your timer for 5 minutes, rest for 30-60 seconds and then repeat; but do not break the workout in between.

Best Butt Exercises

Now let’s have a look at the best butt exercises:

1. Donkey Kicks (40 reps / side)

As the name suggests, you need to put your both hands and knees on the floor keeping your face towards the ground.

Now push one leg to the upper back side (towards the ceiling) and repeat it for 40 times. Once you are done, change the legs and do it again.
This is very relaxing and helps you shape your butt at the same time.

2. Bulgarian Split Squats (12 reps / side)

Keep your front foot on ground. Keep your second foot on bench kept at the backside of your body. Now just push your body to downwards and sit and get up for 12 times.

You can wish to either fold your hands or keep them straight. Then change the legs and do it again.

Your position will be like jogging, with one leg on the ground and other one at the backside on the bench. This is one of the really simple and best butt exercises that work like magic to tone your butt shape.

3. Single Leg Glute Bridge (30 reps / side)

The third exercise is Single Leg Glute Bridge, where you need to lay down on the mat keeping your arms straight at your sides.

Bend one knee and keep the other leg straight.

Next, push your body upwards and then downwards along with the straightened leg. Make sure to lift your butt as well. After 30 reps, switch the legs and continue for 30 more reps.

This glute exercise stretches the muscles and helps you to tone not only your butt, but also your thighs and belly area.

These are the three best butt exercises that have been proved as the most effective ones on every body type, if you follow them properly every day. Just give it a try and feel the difference by yourself.